AKKURATE was founded in 2010 and is based in Copenhagen. The company plans and executes security and consultancy services in Denmark and abroad. Our products and services are provided for both companies and individuals.

The nucleus of the company is constituted by resources with a background of training and service in the police and military and additional resources also comprise vast experience from theoretic and operative security work at several levels of the private sector – e.g. in the planning and execution of national and international events. AKKURATE’s praxis is inspired by methods used by specialised units and principles of thoroughness and precision – which means that assignments are executed with a strong dedication to detail and robustness.

AKKURATE only employs authorised, highly trained and carefully selected resources. This ensures a high concentration of specially trained personnel from the military and police as well as personnel that has received security training from recognised establishments in e.g. executive protection, planning, fire fighting and advanced first aid training. These have all gone through demanding training that have qualified them both professionally and personally and have enabled them to act in a correct and efficient manner in situations under pressure.

AKKURATE’s approach is based on a 360-degree principle, which ensures a thorough execution of assignments from start to finish. We do not just base our strategies on the specific threat or risk, but on all relevant circumstances that influence our clients’ safety.

Our operations are carried out with an eye for discretion and confidentiality. This means that only the consultants directly involved have knowledge about an assignment – following a “need to know” principle.

AKKURATE constantly strives to ensure that our services provide as much value and security to the client as possible – not just in the present but also long-term. We seek to integrate security in our clients’ way of thinking.

Our services, unique concept and composition of specially trained resources ensure that AKKURATE is able to carry out assignments with a high level of complexity, special demands and of long-term duration, and where ethics, moral and legislation are always carefully observed.