This level comprises operations that demand an extensive perspective and expertise on security management. It could be consultancy in emergency situations, where a quick professional response is required. It could also be a more long-term assessment of a company’s security strategy or training of its employees. Only the most experienced and specialised personnel operate on this level.

  • Training
  • Security risk assessment and consultancy
  • 24-hour rapid reaction force

Thoroughness, flexibility and quality are key words



  • Courses in conflict management, fire fighting and first aid.
  • Training of e.g. hotel and shop employees on observation and prevention of crime.
  • Courses in safe traveling strategies for businesspeople, NGOs or individuals travelling to exposed areas.
  • Special courses in security strategies and management.

Security risk assessment and consultancy


  • Consultancy on how to secure homes, institutions or companies.
  • Consultancy and guidance on the planning and execution of security surrounding events.
  • International security risk assessment, e.g. when starting up a business abroad.
  • AKKURATE can send ahead a team of specialists in order to research on a new market or country.

24-hour rapid reaction force


  • In the event of a crime or other major incidents, assistance is provided to ”normalise” a situation. This can be done by implementing urgent security measures such as initiating surveillance, guard patrols and/or close protection. Through investigation and consultancy, we can provide documentation to the police and other authorities.
  • AKKURATE can on short notice mobilise a team of specialists – both for national and international operations.
  • A 24-hour rapid reaction force is provided if needed. This way specially trained personnel is on standby for a quick response.