Executive protection in Denmark and abroad performed by highly qualified and specially selected personnel – with the purpose of handling any risks that the client may be exposed to due to his or her status, wealth, business or travel destinations. This level also comprises surveillance, meaning the observation of individuals and documentation hereof.

  • Executive protection
  • Travel security
  • Surveillance

Trust, confidentiality and safety are key words

Executive protection


  • AKKURATE’s close protection officers have been trained in executive protection in the Danish army special forces and served in the military – or in the Danish Security and Intelligence Service and have provided protection for members of the Danish Royal Family, heads of state, politicians, government officials, businesspeople and individuals in Denmark and abroad. Documentation on training can be presented upon request.
  • The close protection officer is selected in order to ensure the best possible chemistry with the client.
  • The security solutions are flexible according to preferences and budget.
  • The solutions are adjusted to the threat assessment.
  • Executive protection is provided for individuals or groups.
  • AKKURATE also offers to handle logistics and transport.

Travel security


  • Executive protection during all or part of a trip by Danish-speaking close protection officers, e.g. for travelling to destinations with a tense or fragile security situation.
  • The client should feel safe and be able to focus on the purpose of the trip.
  • AKKURATE provides detailed planning of the trip, incl. contact to authorities and local partners.
  • We can travel ahead in order to take care of the security aspects of the trip by conducting route and site reconnaissance, make arrangements with local partners, as well as meeting and greeting the client upon arrival.
  • Selection and management of transport vehicles can be included in the security solution.
  • AKKURATE’s close protection officers have broad experience with security operations abroad and communicate fluently in English. AKKURATE’s team also comprises Arab-speaking personnel, which can provide interpreting service in Arab-speaking countries.
  • AKKURATEs close protection officers understand and respect foreign cultures.
  • Language skills and the ability to understanding foreign cultures are considered as important skills, as they ensure a high quality in services provided to foreign clients and partners.
  • AKKURATE offers to assist the client in the assessment and selection of foreign suppliers or partners.



  • Observation of an individual or an object in Denmark or abroad.
  • Personnel specialized and trained in surveillance and who work alone or in teams – and in different environments and cultures.
  • Photo- and/or video-documentation is recorded and handed over to the client.
  • Written reports, which can support the above-mentioned documentation. Written documentation can be provided in foreign languages.