Transport of VIPs and valuables. Specially trained security consultants ensure safe transport in specially chosen vehicles – from start to finish.

  • Transport of valuables
  • VIP transport

Safety, quality and flexibility are key words

VIP transport


  • Secure transport of individuals. The VIP is greeted in the airport or another pick-up point and transported to meetings, gatherings etc. This can also be in cooperation with a close protection officer.
  • The security consultant has always conducted route reconnaissance in advance.
  • The vehicle always carries first aid – and fire fighting equipment.
  • The driver has received technical driving training with the police.
  • The clients’ preferences are taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate vehicle for this type of assignment.

Transport of valuables


  • Transport of valuable and delicate items.
  • Vehicles are selected according to the nature of the assignment.
  • Special security measures supplement the transport.
  • Transport of valuables is provided worldwide.