Traditional guarding operations such as guarding and surveillance of a company or a home. It can be in the form of permanent guarding/surveillance, guard patrol or guard dog patrol. DELTA also comprises event security, where our personnel conduct entrance control, general guarding and management of emergencies etc. and this way ensure safety for both audience and organiser.

  • Guard service
  • Event security

Thoroughness and service are key words

Guard service


  • The personnel guards and inspects a company, institution or home.
  • Services comprise: entrance control, video surveillance, activation and deactivation of alarms, guard patrol, inspection of parking areas, emergency exits and escape routes.
  • Ensures safety for employees and residents.
  • Functions as first aid- and fire standby service.
  • Furthermore the guard can be in charge of turning off the light, closing windows etc. for energy saving.
  • Has the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to power failures, water damages and other incidents, that demand a quick response.
  • Guarding can also be conducted by using a patrol dog – where there is a need for enhanced protection.
  • Guard dog patrol is recommended for large outdoor areas such as industrial grounds, building sites, harbours and larger exhibition areas – for example when securing a perimeter.
  • With its sharp senses, the dog can quickly detect if there are people near by – and thereby offers an effective way of scanning a perimeter

Event security


  • Security at conferences, fairs, exhibitions, cultural events, parties etc.
  • Services comprise: entrance control, guard patrol, “crowd control”, guarding of valuables and first aid standby.
  • Our security consultants are dressed appropriately for the assignment – either in uniform or in black suits – according to the preference of the client and the nature of the event.
  • The purpose is to provide a sense of safety for both audience and organiser. The organiser enjoys assistance from our consultants in a number of areas: entrance control, giving directions, first aid- and fire standby service etc.